Monday, July 6, 2009

Composting for Beginners

Why throw your vegetable peels and eggshells in the garbage...instead convert your organic waste into compost to improve your soil and give your plants the nourishment they need.
I've been composting for a few months now. It is like second nature now...I chop my vegetables, place my scraps in a jar or bag and take them out to my compost pile. Now, I have compost to naturally give my plants and vegetables the nutrients they need and I am keeping organic compost out of the landfills and using it resourcefully. Here are a couple pics of my compost bin.

Composting as Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Make a compost bin using chicken wire and scrap wood. Dig four holes for the wooden posts and then staple the chicken wire to the wood....whalah...a compost bin...or if you're feeling spunky you can make a bin using scrap wood. You can make it as simple or elaborate as you want but I opted for simple. Be sure to place your bin in a shady spot in your yard so the compost does not dry out.

2. Add grass clippings, leaves, small twigs, kitchen scraps - egg shells, vegetable peels, coffee grinds (the filter too) and tea not add any meat or bones unless you like unwanted critters! Do not add large branches as they will take a REALLY long time to breakdown.

3. Turn your pile weekly using a pitchfork or shovel. Your compost pile needs to be kept moist for the materials to breakdown. Its a great feeling when you start to see your efforts pay off ~ another way to feed your soul :-)
Happy Composting!


  1. Love it! My daughter has a square foot vegetable garden and she wants a compost bin.

  2. I crunch my eggshells up and use them in flower beds instead of mulch. I make a lot of deviled eggs :-)

    Potato peels are great just dumped around the base of hummingbird vines.

    Tea & coffeee grinds are great fertilizers for your flower beds too.

  3. I have the same in my house... Really useful for the plants!

    Lolo :-)

  4. I grew up with a compost barrel in my parents backyard! I had a hard time as a kid taking the yucky and smelly vegetable scraps and egg shells to the compost pile! I'm sure when I'm done with condo living and move into a single family home, I'll be doing same thing my parents did! Great post!

  5. What a great idea - thanks for sharing it.